Items + Geography = Itography

Itography brings virtual item collection into the real world. Think of Itography as virtual geocaching at places you visit everyday.

Find items while you are waiting in lines, traveling and just generally killing time. It is easy to find items within your “loot radius.” In fact, there are probably items all around you right now. Picking up items at places you visit earns you awards. Some items are harder to find than others. Common items are the easiest to find, while there is only one of each unique item in the game. Check out our Quick Start Guide for more details. When you find an item that is particularly rare, you can share this feat on Facebook.

Each item also belongs to a collection. Pick up different items to complete collections. Currently there are 3 general collections: plants, food, gems. Watch out for special seasonal items are only generated for a short period of time.

In Itography, dropping items is just as important and picking up items. When dropping items you can share with your friends and family by checking into Foursquare and posting on Facebook.  With each pickup and drop an item gains history such as total distance traveled.

Games are more fun with friends.  Itography uses your Facebook friendships, so that you don’t have to start from scratch. You can compete in both monthly and overall leaderboards for longest drop, total drop distance of all items, and several other categories.  Don’t forget to invite your friends!

We invite you to start finding items:
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iOS Beta Invitation