Using Notes to Find Items That You Need

Here is my super tricky trick of the day for everyone new to playing. After playing for a couple of months, I have found almost all of the available items. Now there are just a few more that I need to complete my collections.  I have left a “Note” on the ones that I need that are closest to me. Now I can easily find these when I am looking at my list of items available for pickup.  There will be a Note icon on the right hand side of the list. Or maybe a really nice friend will see the note and help me out be bringing the item to me!

To see what you need to complete a collection, go to the “You” tab and tap on “Collections” then select which Collection you want to see.  There will be one tab for “Not picked up” and one for “Picked up.”  Now you know what you are looking for!

Of course, there are other uses for Notes. Just remember that everyone can view the notes that you leave on Items. They are just another way that items gain character as they move around.  Also, you can leave notes in any item in the game. How will you use Notes?