Trick or Treat...Limited Edition Halloween Items have Arrived!

StartinHappy Halloween!g today you can start collecting limited edition Halloween items. Now when you report an item shortage report, there is a chance that limited edition Halloween items will be generated.  They are very rare, so clear out some inventory space, get out there, visit new places and collect all 11 items before we stop generating them! 

Help your fellow itographers find them too.  When you find one you can post about it in the forums or share the super rare ones on Facebook.  Invite more friends to play so you have a better chance of finding them together.  

When you pickup any item on October 31st you will get an extra special surprise. Good luck!

Congrats to Jason C. for winning first dibs on the special Halloween unique item - “Tombstone.”  He blew away the competition last month with a enormous total distance. Don’t worry though, it is only his for 2 days.  Let’s see if we can get this one to our to Redmond, Washington!  

Who will win the honor next month?


... and I still haven't come across a halloween item yet! Congrats to those of you who have.