Top Secret Guest Review

Today, we have for you a guest review from a top secret writer:

In a era of increasing and sometimes overwhelming complexity, wouldn't it be nice to have a simple but fun game that can fill those fleeting spare moments in your schedule?  Pick up and drop off items while waiting on your latte, that one friend that never makes it to dinner on time, or standing in a grocery checkout line.  Build a collection of items without having to appear on the next episode of hoarders.  Add fun to your mundane errands by experiencing the thrill of the hunt for that elusive unique item.  Shore up your conversational skills with all of the fun trivia facts you learn, nothing breaks the ice like knowing that the state snack of Texas is chips and salsa.  Become a virtual traveler by following all the exotic places the items you drop visit.  You might even discover a new favorite hangout in your search for new items. All the fun of a scavenger hunt without having to ask your neighbor for a shoestring.


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