InnoTech Wrap Up, Halloween Item Update and Completing Collections

Wrap up of InnoTech 2011 Austin

First off, a huge thank you to Kim Brushaber and Vaco Austin for the pass to InnoTech 2011! The event was a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet many new ones.

The Beta Summit was hosted by Bryan Menell, of and featured presentations by Forecast, HelpJuice, Loku, Polygraph Media, SubjectLines and Vivogig. The two location-based apps, Forecast and Loku, caught my attention.  Forecast helps you find out where your friends will be that day.  Loku wants to help you be in the know on where to go by capturing the character of venues. They are both in beta, but be sure to check them out!

The Future of Mobile Debate moderated by Steve Guengerich of Appconomy was insightful. Some of the key ideas from the session were mobile being part of an ecosystem, keeping simplicity and relevance in mind and making mobile fun and enjoyable. Be sure to check out Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends presentation from Web 2.0.

The highlight of the day was the Mobile in 2012: Strategies for Developing and Launching Mobile Apps presented by William “Whurley” Hurley of Chaotic Moon Studios. Despite having answered the same questions probably a million times this year alone, he spoke with great enthusiasm about the future of mobile development. On the topic of platforms, his summary was Apple = money, Android = cool stuff, and watch out for WP7. He shared my love of tiles! It is just such a compelling presentation of information. The comparison of the late ‘90s when everyone needed a website to mobile was made throughout the conversation.  This leads into the opportunity to develop enterprise mobile apps, which is where WP7 is going to excel.

Halloween Item Update
20 Halloween items have been found so far! Only 7 days left to find yours!

Super User Top Secret Hint

Curious about what items you need to complete a collection? Of course you are!
From the home screen, tap on Awards, then the Progress tab, scroll down and tap on on Food, Gems, Plants or Halloween to see what you still need to find. You will see a list of “Not picked up” and “Picked Up.” Now go find them!