Harder better faster stronger - Itography 2.0 is Here!

We are happy to announce Itography 2.0! Our goal with this release is to make Itography faster, easier and of course more fun. From the Home tab, you will now be able to quickly drop and pickup items and view several activity streams. The You tab is all about you.  Now you can view your collections and easily see which items you still need to complete a collection. By tapping on an item, you will see a list of the copies of that item in order of distance from you.
Please see the Quick Start Guide for more detailed information.

Release Notes:

Home Tab

  • Drop and pickup directly from the home screen
  • See Activity for the community, friends, and nearby
  • Quick drop without going to item detail
  • Post your drops to Facebook
  • Quick pickup without going to item detail

You Tab

  • Collections
    • Displays the total number of items in the collection
    • Not picked up - see which items you need to complete a collection
    • Picked up - see which items you have already seen
    • Tap on an item to see where you can find the closest copy of an item
  • Progress
    • Displays your percentage complete of picking up all items in Itography
    • Displays number of different items found out of the total number of items
  • Awards
    • Displays number of awards earned
  • Inventory
    • Displays total number of items in your inventory
  • Pier Diem
    • Displays total number of Pier Diem items currently in your inventory
  • Balls
    • Displays total number of balls in your inventory

Leaders Tab

  • Easier to navigate leaderboards

Tracking Tab

  • Track items and venues from the Tracking tab
  • Purchase additional slots directly from Items and Venue lists

Exit Confirmation

  • Confirm that you really want to exit Itography

As always, we look forward to your feedback and improving your Itography experience!