A foursquare account is no longer required for registration.

You asked and we listened!

When we launched a week ago, a foursquare account was required for registration.  Based on our usage data we saw that some users were not able to complete the registration step that required connecting to a foursquare account.  We have responded with a new release today. It fixes several small issues, but the major update is no longer requiring users to connect to a foursquare account.  Without a foursquare account, users will not have access to their friend leaderboards, friends’ activity, and most importantly they will have no balls.

Go and check out Itography in the foursquare application gallery:
foursquare app gallery

With a foursquare account connected to Itography you will be able to see your friends’ activity, compete with them on the friends’ leaderboards and toss some balls at them.  Plus, you can check-in to foursquare when you drop items.

As always, if you run into and mishaps, have any questions or just want to chat please contact us at support@itography.com

Have a great weekend!