The End is Near

Consider Yourself Warned - The end of the month is almost here. Today and tomorrow are your last days to get in your drops and pickups in!  The monthly leaderboards will reset Friday at midnight.

Itog Random Fact of the Day  - The longest recorded drop is Austin to London  - that would be 4,936 miles.  The longest total drop distance is 112,308 miles.  For those of you keeping track, that is 4.5 times around the globe. Be on the look out for those far traveling items.  Although, I suspect that the owner is hanging onto a few to try and set some records next month.

Speaking of Setting Records....Let’s Talk Strategy! - I’ve seen a few different ones forming out there.  

  • Pickup & Drop ALOT - I personally favor the pick up and drop as much as possible strategy. You get a ton of total pickups and you can work on getting complete collections in a short amount of time
  • Real life rules -  Playing by “real life rules”  you only pickup & drop at venues that you are actually at, not at all the ones in your loot radius.  Playing by the rules gives you and your friends a good idea of what you have been up to.
  • Hoarder - If you hoard your items, you can go for longest drop and total drop distance.  Just watch out for those expiration dates.  You don’t want a forced drop!
  • Hybrid - A little of all of the above.

How do you play?