Announcing Our Fall Collection

It is still sunny and 80 degrees here in Austin, but we are happy to announce the arrival of the the Fall Collection! Not our latest line of designer clothes, but a special collection of Fall themed items that will only be generated for the next few weeks. Now when you report an item shortage report, there is a chance that limited edition Fall items will be generated. The are very rare, so clear out some inventory space, get out there, visit new places and collect all 11 items before we stop generating them! Help your fellow Itographers find them too. When you find one you can post about it in the forums or share the super rare ones on Facebook. Invite more friends to play so you have a better chance of finding them together. When you pickup any item over the Thanksgiving weekend you will get an extra special surprise. Good luck! Congrats to Dan T. for winning first dibs on the special Fall unique item - “Acorn.” No one even came close to the number of pickup and drops that he had in October. Don’t worry though, it is only his for 2 days.